The Elections SSMU Team

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Matthew He, Chief Electoral Officer (U1)

Matt is a second-year student at McGill pursuing a degree in Microbiology and Immunology. Matt is involved in a variety of campus organizations, including Blockchain at McGill which he co-founded in the winter of 2017. In his first year, Matt worked to promote better student facilities and more inclusive events by serving as the president of the Solin Hall Council. Matt has served as the Elections SSMU CEO since January 2018.


Office: SSMU Offices, University Centre


Isaac Levy, Deputy Electoral Officer (U1)

Isaac is a second-year Arts student at McGill currently taking a Double Major in Political Science and History. Wishing to become more involved with McGill’s undergraduate democratic process, Isaac volunteered with Elections SSMU during the 2017 Winter Elections and Referendum Period where he received his first glimpse into the responsibilities of the CEO and DEO. Be it a question about elections, referenda or getting involved with Elections SSMU, Isaac looks forward to helping students navigate and become more engaged in SSMU democracy. Isaac has served as Elections SSMU DEO since September 2017.