Campaign Guidelines

SSMU by-laws govern all elections run by Elections SSMU and must be followed by all candidates and referendum committees throughout the election process.

The internal regulations pertaining to Elections can be found here: SSMU Internal Regulations of Elections and Referenda

Internal Regulations can be changed by Council or General Assembly.

Other Guidelines and Interpretations

The CEO will email all candidates if further clarifications are required in interpreting the Electoral Regulations and post any new guidelines on this website.

CEO’s Media and Online Campaign Guidelines 2017:

The Elections SSMU CEO has issued a new set of guidelines regarding online campaigning: Media and Online Campaign Guidelines

Guide on Identifying External Organizations:

This guide should help candidates determine whether or not a particular organization whose endorsement they wish to seek qualifies as an External body (which are prohibited from making endorsements): Guidelines for External Groups

Guide on Seeking Endorsements from Clubs and Services:

This guide explains in more details the IR’s requirements for obtaining and endorsement from on-campus Clubs and Services: Campaign Endorsement Guidelines for Clubs and Services

Demerit System Winter 2017

The Demerit System serves as a general reference point for the CEO in determining the sanctions to apply for particular infraction of campaign rules. The document is non-exhaustive and non-binding, as the CEO may choose to  apply sanctions as they see fit. Link: Demerit System

SSMU Constitution

The SSMU Constitution is binding on all activities of the SSMU, including campaigns and all elections processes. The Constitution can be found here.