The Elections SSMU Team


Leanne Young, Chief Electoral Officer (U1)









Leanne is a second-year Science student in the Joint Honors Computer Science & Biology program. Motivated to stay engaged in student government and politics on campus, she has served as President of SSMU First Year Council, a member of New Residence Hall Council, committee director and dais member in both the McMUN and SSUNS conferences organized by IRSAM (International Relations Simulation Association of McGill) and is a staff photographer for the McGill Tribune. Her previous experiences in the electoral process as a member of the YMCA Youth Advisory Council and FYC have inspired her to further engage the McGill community in democratic action and student voice. Her goal is to encourage students to become more active in democratic opportunities on campus and to exercise their right to vote and share opinions. A more inclusive and collaborative campus community is a vision she strives for and she hopes to be able to build a more dynamic democratic culture here at McGill.


Office: SSMU Offices, University Centre


Isaac Levy, Deputy Electoral Officer (U2)

Isaac is a third-year Arts student at McGill currently taking a Double Major in Political Science and History. Wishing to become more involved with McGill’s undergraduate democratic process, Isaac volunteered with Elections SSMU during the 2017 Winter Elections and Referendum Period where he received his first glimpse into the responsibilities of the CEO and DEO. Be it a question about elections, referenda or getting involved with Elections SSMU, Isaac looks forward to helping students navigate and become more engaged in SSMU democracy. Isaac has served as Elections SSMU DEO since September 2017.