As you know, we have recently expanded our facility. We have added a pool, increased the size of our workout room, and begun offering free day care. To help offset the cost of construction, we must increase our family membership fees by $25, effective immediately. If you renewed your membership last month you will not be assessed the additional $25 fee until your next renewal date.

Doe Spa now offers swimming, weight lifting, ice skating, and aerobic conditioning for the entire family. And even with the higher price, we offer one the lowest prices in the state. We appreciate your support and hope that you will continue to choose Doe Spa as the place for your family’s fitness.

Because of a surprising rise in the cost of materials, we have tentatively raised prices on our entire stock. The change is effective immediately, but we hope it will be temporary.

You will still receive the same quality Doe merchandise, and we will still keep our commitment to next-day delivery. Early indications suggest that when the volatile market settles, we will be able to return to an earlier pricing schedule.

We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you again. We appreciate you as a loyal costumer as we weather the inflation storm.

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