Elections SSMU is a politically autonomous service provided by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). As our name suggests, our main responsibility is to run referenda and elections within the SSMU. 

Annual Elections

  • First Year Council – Fall Semester
  • Clubs and Services Representatives – Fall Semester 
  • Referendum – Fall and Winter Semesters
  • SSMU Executive Elections – Winter Semester
  • General Assembly Online Ratification – All year

We also run special referenda and elections when necessary. In addition, we act as a resource for faculty or departmental associations, or any Clubs and Services that need advice or assistance. The elections team consists of three (sometimes four) main members.

The Elections Team

  • Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)
  • Deputy Electoral Officer (DEO)
  • Elections Coordinators (EC)

As a team, our mandate is to run accountable elections for members of the SSMU. We are here to ensure that all students have an equal chance to vote, and that all candidates follow electoral procedures that are in place to ensure fair elections.