The Winter 2022 Executive Election has officially begun! Here are your candidates for the executive officer positions and their pensketches.


Bryan Buraga

(CW swearing)

I’m tired of the bullshit, aren’t you? Our student unions are broken, our university doesn’t give a crap about us, and our landlords raise rents for mediocre housing year after year.
But students are powerful when we work together. Since my first year, I’ve fought alongside other students to get a Fall Reading Break, and to confront the administration when they try to screw us over. I was SSMU President in 2019-2020, and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years will help democratize McGill and build our collective power.
Let’s stop the bullshit, together.
Information + platform + more:

Julian Guidote

I’m a Professional Mental Health Counsellor entering my fifth year at McGill as a second year Law student. I am the former Co-President of LGBTQ+ Marianopolis, the Union President for Kids Help Phone’s Montreal Counsellors, and SSMU’s Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator. 

My platform cares for SSMU’s clubs, faculties, students and staff by:

-Evaluating the purchase of a SSMU Clubs and Faculties Retreat Cottage; 

-Finalizing plans for a SSMU Cafeteria;

-Establishing a SSMU Translations and Meeting Transcription Service;

-Bolstering the Social Committee’s mandate to include casual staff; 

It’s time to care for each other. Vote Julian Guidote first for SSMU President.


Risann Wright

My name is Risann Wright, and I am a third-year student in the Faculty of Arts, studying Honours Political Science. My platform priorities are Advocacy, Equity & Governance, Leadership & Support. My platform values are transparency, accessibility, accountability, sustainability, and engagement. I will create lasting institutional change through policies addressing equity, support, student health and financial security. We can build a SSMU that is student-centered, a safe healthy environment for all, and that meaningfully contributes to students’ lives. I am committed to building a SSMU that serves you better. Let’s get SSMU right. Vote Risann Wright for SSMU President.

VP Internal:

Cat Williams 

Hi! My name’s Cat Williams and I’m in U3 Arts Psychology. With this VP Internal role I aim to focus on reengaging student involvement initiatives, and reinstating the ‘university experience’ after two years of Covid. I’m committed to creating inclusive events where all students feel safe, and using a more accessible means of communication with the student body. Having been consistently involved in on-campus groups, organization and leadership during Frosh, in addition to corporate communications, I feel I’m a great fit for the VP Internal role. I’m committed, and passionate about making your university career the best it can be.

Jaz Kaur

Hello! My name is Jaz and I’m in my third year studying Sociology and Psychology 🙂
Through my platform, my goal is to increase and enhance the student engagement experience at the SSMU through activities that are highly inclusive and diverse. In doing so, I would work towards making SSMU more equitable and provide a safe space for racial and gender minorities such as myself. Through these events, I would work towards facilitating and promoting strong inter-faculty relations to encourage increased student engagement and representation. As a result, my platform aims towards making SSMU a more approachable, engaging, and diverse union for student concerns.

Ananya Seth

Hiii guys! I am Ananya, a U1 Psychology student, running to be YOUR VP Internal for the coming year. I am currently Co-President of the Indian Students’ Association (ISA), Events Director at McGill Women in Leadership and an International Student Buddy.
My platform primarily involves improving transparency and communication between SSMU and the student body, advocating for students’ mental health and improving First Years’ and International students’ participation and representation at SSMU.
My experience with event-management and student governance has helped me evolve as a responsible leader and I hope to do my very best as your VP Internal! <3

VP Finance:

Marco Pizarro

Hello! My name is Marco Pizarro, In the past, many VP Finance were apolitical. Not me. I want to be a part of the democratization of McGill following the “McGill Student Union Democratization Initiative Policy”. And I want to encourage projects that are sustainable and help develop the sense of community in Montreal.

Also, I am doing a Joint Honours in Economics and Political Science. I was the treasurer for summer camps back in France. These will help me to better understand finances at SSMU in order to streamline the funding process for clubs, services and guests.


VP External:

Val Mansy:

Salut! Here’s a little bit about me. I have worked as the external affairs coordinator at SSMU, as an educator for people with accessibility needs, and have been organizing for 4 years. I intend to

A) fulfill the current mandates held by the VP External, including:

• Advocating at the university, municipal, provincial, federal level;

• Maintaining relations with unions, community, student associations, federations;

• Supporting current campaigns.

B) promote student engagement, accessibility and accountability, as well build stronger solidarities by doing more consultation, and supporting unions and BIPOC, unhoused, migrant, queer and trans communities in their mobilization, notably by faciltating access to SSMU resources.

VP Student Life:

Hassanatou Koulibaly

Hi, I’m Hassanatou and I would be honoured to be your VP Student Life! After 3 years of being a McGill African Students’ Society executive and current President, I have been actively involved in student life while interacting with various clubs and organisations on campus. Having started my McGill experience fully in person, I look forward to reinvigorating student life, leading us through an in-person year while leveraging virtual resources. With this transition, I would prioritize an active approach to mental health in the classroom while addressing the needs of student caregivers. Reach out for a quick chat or questions

Olivia Bornyi

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Bornyi (she/her) and I am thrilled to be running as your next Vice President Student Life. I am passionate about student life at McGill and fostering a welcoming, inspiring environment for academics and extracurriculars. If elected, I’ll prioritize: mental health provision and accessibility, improving liaison between SSMU and independent student groups, services, and clubs, and restoring a positive, productive relationship among SSMU members and the executive team. I’m bringing qualifications from roles as: SSMU Mental Health Outreach Coordinator, Communications for Residence Council and NDP McGill, and other leadership positions in campus organizations.

VP University Affairs:

Kerry Yang

Hello! My name is Kerry (he/him) and I’m excited to be running for SSMU Vice President University Affairs! From being an Associate Senator in my first year to being the incumbent Science Senator, I have the experience and knowledge necessary to be your next VP UA. My platform is centered around continuing my work in academic wellness advocacy, increasing knowledge around student rights, expanding autonomy, and improving communication and collaboration with faculty associations when it comes to advocacy efforts. Transparency and accountability are of my utmost concern, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!